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bios sees 900mhz...xp sees 700mhz


OSNN Senior Addict
why is it on this laptop does it not show the proper mhz speed in windows than it does in the bios? is the pc still running at 900mhz even though windows thinks its 700mhz?

this is an IBM thinkpad t22. the specs are for a 900mhz...any ideas?

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Sometimes if you view the system properties and it says a slower speed and you view it right after it will jump to the full speed.

It all depends on which power profile you have selected. I keep Always On selected on my laptop, I like full power all the time, altho my battery life suffers due to it.


OSNN Senior Addict
yeah i can attest to that now. the battery life suffers a bit, but im not worried about it. thanks for the help man, gave ya some reps :smoker:

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