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BIOS problem!

:nervous: :nervous: hey guys i lately have been trying to change the multiplier in my Bios and change the Vcore but i have come across a problem i cant find it any where!
any suggestions?

Phoenix technologies 6.00 pg <- Bios:dead:
AMD 2600+
768mb RAM
ATI 9600 pro


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if i remember right not all bioses suport it. to be honest overclocking is fine but id read more on it before doing it especially if you dont have money to build a replacment rig if you fry this one. my 2 cents


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pok_pok_911 said:
km-400-8237 oh and straycoz zip it about overclocking i will take it from the master people what i do and dont ok!
Well I would love to help you fry your comp, cause with your level or arogance that is what you would end up doing.

Unfortunalty, as you can't seem to be able to show respect to other members of the forum, I will respect my own decision in not helping you.

Have a nice day.


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Phoenix bios' tend to be a little less power-user oriented and typically don't offer options that are constantly found in other BIOSs. Beyond that, Google is a great resource.

For future reference, sraycoz posts some very useful information; I've never seen a post that makes me cringe or think "that's not right..." and feel the need to correct him/her. You'd be wise to be nice to those who try to help you and not throw it back in their face.
righty i just do want to overclocked i have ovced other parts of my pc so im not the massive noob so i would appreciate it if people could stop saying dont overclock as the point of this forum is to learn how to, and to straycoz that did come out wrong i did not mean that literally i was joking no hard fealings?
Actually, that's not the point of this forum. You're looking to overclock your PC, that would technically put this thread into the Overclocking forum. And what other parts of your PC have you overclocked? But I do have to agree with the post about you should read up on OCing before you do it rather then having everyone in the forums trying to figure out your bios, motherboard, processor type and ram like I had to do with you in another thread.
I have the Phoenix 6.00 PG too. It does not support multiplier adjustment or core voltage adjustment.

To adjust core volatge and multiplier requires special hardware on the MB. Most cheap motherboards do not have the extra hardware features.

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