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BIOS problem (Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe & AGP settings)


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Alright here's my stats: new (1 month) mobo w/ current bios revis, ATI 9700 AIW PRO, AMD 3000+ Barton, Mushkin 3200 ram, etc. My problem is in my bios settings: I've tried setting my agp memory to 128 megs, which is what my card has, but when I reboot, I all I get is the ASUS startup screen, then.......nothing, just the screen, no error codes, or that silly talking post code narrator thing. If I flush the bios, and leave the agp memory @65 megs, no prob. Nothing is o.c.'d, cooling is fine, and I'm using the next current Catalyst drivers (4.4 I think). None of the other bios settings are set aggressively, just stock speeds. When I re-installed farcry, I received a warning from the installer stating that i should adjust the agp memory settings in the bios. I've made sure that my AGP is set to 8X, but I must be missing something somewhere. Any suggestions would be great. I'm sure it's some small detail I've overlooked. Thanks to all.

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Only AGP warning I've heard is to keep "Fast Writes" turned OFF, it affects stability more than it helps. But if you reset to bios default the fast writes should be OFF. You could add a wait state to the AGP but it should not be necessary.

Any chance you have your MB FSB overclocked? If so, roll it back to stock and recheck. Some boards tie the AGP clock speed to the FSB. Not sure if the ASUS does.

CHeck the Far Cry and ATI FAQs to see if this has been reported and if not post a problem report at MSI adn ATI so they look into it. If no one complained there wouldn't be a new driver every 4 weeks.

As a last resort try an older Catalyst (unlikely but...). The 3.9 was the best I've seen in a while, 4.1 was good too. BTW 4.5 is the latest Catalyst came out 2 days ago.


---pro a.v. geek
No nothing is overclocked. an interesting note: this problem has occurred from the first setup, prior to installing XP. I literally booted up the first time to check out the hardware setup and everything was fine, so then I rebooted, entered bios again to make changes. I've narrowed it down to the agp memory causing the boot failure. Will look into both ATI and Asus. Thanks LeeGend

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