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BIOS Freeze


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Hello everyone,

I'm at my relatives house in Germany and his PC seems to be having a problem after i've been on it.. lol. All I did was install Kazaa, download some programs. Thats it.

Now the problem involved the BIOS, it takes about 2 - 5 minutes for the BIOS screen to go away, and for windows to start. What happends is I turn on the PC and it shows me the usal BIOS stuff, Award BIOS v.600PG, however it is not detecting any drives or anything, instead it is just sitting at the prompt "W6701M7 V1.14 091102 16:20:00 MedionPC LN" or it sits at the processor infomation (not sure exalty what it says, just says Intel blah blah.. It also gives me the option of pressing F1 or DEL to enter the setup, however if i do this it does not happen for 2 - 5 minutes... During that time this is what I hear, and assume. First I heard a low rumble which sounds like the HDD reading for about 5 seconds, than that stops and there is nothing for about 30 seconds to a minute, than I heard the CDROM drive reading, even though there is nothing in there, for about 5 or 10 seconds, than that turns off for about 30 seconds to a minute, than the BIOS contiunes. I've checked the setup at the HDD is the first thing to load. Very strange problems, also there is a port at the front of the computer marked SD/MMC, its something like compact card or a secure card... and there is a light for it, it always blinks, like its waiting for something. It even blinks when the computer is off. Whats that about?

Any input AT ALL is helpful.



Shamus MacNoob

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And thats why I dont let anyone jump on my puter download and install stuff :p

Sorry bud how about getting the manual for that board and seeing about resetting the cmos


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looks like the SD card is holding the BIOS up, those medion PC's might have the enter bios under tab, F2 DEL press all 3 over and over during the memory test and u should get to BIOS to disable the smart card reader


Apple lover, PC User
It was the power, somehow there was a shortage or something and caused the reader on the front to go nuts. It froze the BIOS on startup, solution: turn off the power for 5 seconds, turn it back on...


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