bios crash-network problem??

Over the last 3 weeks I have lost 13 motherboards to bios failure..... (bios config pages garbled) all of these boards are either ECS, Amptron or Shuttle (garbage in my opinion) with AMI bios's. Bios flashing doesnt help. There are other PC's on the network that have seized but a "clear CMOS" would clear up there problem. All total 20-25 PC's have seen this issue. I am running a 2k domain w/100+ PC's. All PC's are virus protected. Out of the 13 boards that failed completely 6 had the option enabled to either virus protect or write protect their bios's. In my 6+ years of managing this network I have seen allot of things but this one has me stumped. Is it a random thing? or is there a problem out there. One thing to note, We have a backup generator on the building (medical) once a month this is tested on a Saturday morning, the friday evening before I personaly shut down all PC and network equipment.
It seems that in the days that follow this, I get failures, even though equipment was shut down. The last failure was a pc that was on a UPS.

Any ideas or theorys would be greatly appreciated.
I can honestly say that I have no idea what could cause this, but this is definately more than a random thing. It could be power, but I don't really see how. A stab in the dark guess would be that you have some faulty PoE (Power over Ethernet) equipment connected to the network which causes this. But it shouldn't be possible afaik. Are the errors geographically or network wise grouped or are they completely randomly spread out?


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It is because you are running M$ software - you have angered the Public Domain Software Gods and their righteous wrath had spread to your network - Boot Knoppix to the machines targetted and seee if things improve?

PS I am not serious - incase you did not guess, but with 13 dead mobos I thought you might need something to smile at, even if the irony is a little "sharp"
Zedric - It is in random locations - no PoE equipment in use. (that I know of) good theory though.

Mainframeguy - couldnt agree more!! ... LOL


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Just a shot in the wild abyss that is the computing there any EMI that may be affecting these computers? You said you work in a medical building, so maybe there is some discharge that may be frying the mobo's? If not medical equipment then maybe something else? Are there microwaves sitting on top of the pc's? heheh ok maybe not, but...just a guess...

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