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Bin Ladens Niece to become pop star


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<I>LONDON (CP) -- Waffa bin Laden, a niece of the world's most wanted man, is hoping to launch a pop career in Britain, a London newspaper reported over the weekend.

"Waffa has been working with Madonna producer Nellee Hooper and John Benson, the man who discovered All Saints, in her bid to make it into the U.K. charts," the Sun said.

The tabloid said the U.S.-trained lawyer, daughter of Osama bin Laden's brother Yeslam, moved to London from New York after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Waffa, 26, has since disowned her uncle, the report said.

She has been busy recording demos and is hoping to release a single by the end of the year.</I>

i saw this on some site

bin ladens niece is starting a pop career in britain. good luck to her. she's gonna need all the luck she can get.;)

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hahaha just joking

here you go, not bad looking either... i can assure you shes got the publicity sorted:blink:



Originally posted by Enyo
I agree.

Its going to be a tough sell, i dont see people buying her music but at least she "doesn't have anything to do with her uncle". And if you ask me, they look alike, just check out the eyes and nose.

I wonder if this is how he is hiding from the world? His had the "op" and decided to start a pop career.
Who cares if she is Osama's niece, I would get her single if it is a good one. The 9/11 attacks are long forgotten about now, as time has gone on, people should aswell!

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yeh thats what im saying. people are gonna give her a hard time over it. which is unfair as shes dishoned him which leaves her ONLY sharing the same second Name. all i say is good luck to her. not that you need it in the UK any sod can be a popstar here:)

BTW bin laden has like a thousand siblings so who cares.

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