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Big Foot?

I swear on my life that I took this picture in my neighborhood, my friend and I were walking his dog when we saw this, so we went to his house, got his camera and snapped this pic, it was so weird, it may look like an oil stain, but is it really??? :eek:

Things I noticed:

"IT" has 4 toes

Theres a crack near the print from the enormous weight of "IT".

And I promise this is 100% real, if you dont believe me then come over and see for yourself in you're ever in the area :lick:

If there are any skeptics out there I could go take a picture with my username on a piece of paper next to it or something
(seen it done on Ebay :) )


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Oh $hit!! This brings back memories of around 12 or 14 years ago, there was a Bigfoot roaming the woods around my house. This thing was huge maybe 9’ tall (At least that’s what I told the kids) from what I seen. The footprints were about 25 inches long.

And YES they were real I know for a FACT there real Because I made them!!!

I might add that I was about the only one that got a kick out of this (well me and the kids ), The city crews that were clearing the streets around the neighborhood after the snow, The Officers that came to look and even my other half she was not to happy with me.

But Damn these people!!! They didn’t understand that I couldn’t just go clean them up Damn I went out at around 1:30am and was out for about 2 hours, $hit there was to many footprints they were all over the place (up and down the streets, in yards most of them I own and through the woods) They were going to melt anyway in a few days.

Yup was in alittle trouble (not a lot but some) the more they jumped my a$$ and pointed there fingers at me the more I laughed (I just couldn’t stop laughing $hit I got caught).

Oh man that was funny, I still laugh about it now (The kids still laugh because I got caught). :laugh:

It took awhile to find some of the picture's.


:laugh: nice one

Yeah the people who live near there were probably wondering what we were doing taking pictures in front of their house at night (with flash I might add)

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