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BF2 Weapon unlocks


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Can someone explain how i unlock my weapons, i just got promoted to sgt, but i didn't unlock a gun straight away, so i still have 1 unlock. But i have no idea how to use it now, there is no button or option that i see, but i know i still have it.

any help?


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When you start the game and go to the Player HQ or whatever its called, and it should promt you to pick an unlock. In order to use the unlocked weapon(s) you need to play on a ranked server.
Unlock Special Weapons (Version 1.0.0 only)

Locate the file "unlocks.py" located in <Drive Letter>Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\python\bf2\stats (or whereever you installed Battlefield 2, in the folders \python\bf2\stats), and open "unlocks.py" with Notepad.
(Before you open unlocks.py, you should make a backup of the file "unlocks.py" (just copy and paste the file) and rename the file to unlocks1.py)
Now you should see a whole bunch of codes. Press CTRL+F and find the word "defaultunlocks" (without the quotations).
this should highlight the line of code
defaultUnlocks = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]
change all the "0"s to "1"s, so it looks like
defaultUnlocks = [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1]
and now press CTRL+S to save. Note: this only works for single player, this trick works for multiplayer, however, EA Games will ban your CD-Key for a week if they discover you are using this for multiplayer. So just replace the unaltered backup file of "unlocks.py" for multiplayer and vice versa.


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I dont think thats what he meant KingKian, besides that doesnt work anymore. They fixed that with the first patch. But an A for effort! :)

Personally I dont think cheating in SP matters, if you want to play with the locked guns then you should be able to. How else do you test to see what you like so when you do get an unlock you know what to pick... :rolleyes:
You get your first unlock at Lance Corporal I think (500 pts), I think the next one is at or around 1000 pts, they keep getting higher and higher and dont always co-inside with ranks. Sites used to have the information listed, but EA keeps lowering/changing them so most of them have given up trying to keep up now.


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i know all this, and it did give me the option to unlock a weapon, but there was also an option that said unlock later, which i selected, now i don't see where i can select it, when i go into the BFHQ page it doesn't automatically give me the choice to unlock anything, this is really annoying.
Wipe out the cache for BF2, restart the game. I'm looking for the steps to do it. I had this same issue, the next day I was able to unlock a weapon (the servers had to update with my new stats)


I think it's here (the cache) \Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\cache\

I'd say sign in tomorrow in BF2, the weapon unlock will likely be ready.
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thanks, its really very irritating, i think the whole interface could have been a little bit user friendly.

But i have to say i love this game, its like playing an online rpg, as your char is able to lvl up and get better weapons.

I was thinking last night that if they used the BF2 formula for an mmorpg fantasy game, it would be awesome.

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