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BF1942 Question...


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I'm running or at least... trying to run a stand-alone server.

I downloaded the latest 1.5 version available, as well as the Server Manager 3j written by Kevlar Lockitt (Black Bag Ops). I set up everything properly, put the server manager in the same program as the stand alone server files, and click on the start button on the server manager. But nothing happens. No error, nothing at all. It doesn't even start a process in task manager.

Now, I had this running before, but the same thing happened for no reason. I formatted the server, reinstalled Windows 2000 Pro SP4, and anything else, but it does the same thing. It just doesn't want to start up the server. I even tried an older version of the stand alone server, as well as the Server Manager program.

Anybody have any idea of what might be going on?


eh... maybe this could help:


DO NOT USE DedicatedServer.exe MORE THAN ONCE if you do not want to enter your info every time you start the server. You must start the server from a shortcut which starts the game as a server, or start the server as a service (more below), or write a batch file to start the server (FAQ-todo).

The simplest method is to modify the shortcut file on your desktop to include the following switches:

+restart 1 +hostServer 1 +dedicated 1

So the Target for the shortcut would look like:

"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942 Server\BF1942.exe" +restart 1 +hostServer 1 +dedicated 1

Rename that shortcut to something apropriate like 'BF1942 Server' and double click it. The server should launch with the settings you entered into the ServerSettings.com file.

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