bf1942 online issue


hardware monkey
for the past couple days, whenever me and a friend (in the same house, on the same router) get a server list in battlefield or any of it's mods, all the pings are 300+! but there doesn't seem to be any lag once we join any of em.

there are only two things that have changed recently that could be affecting this. one is the release of Desert Combat Final. i always play dc, but don't think this new version would affect the whole bf engine and other mods.

the other is our new router (Airlink+ AR315W). our old router (Linksys BEFSR41v2) crapped out the other day and we got this cheap replacement. everything works great except this issue with bf. what could it be? i didn't have any ports forwarded on the linksys for any games.

any ideas? thanks.