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I often see in this forum whenever someone has a problem with their XP Pro either registry or etc..there would always be a recommendations to re format and fresh install XP.You see., upon inserting the XP CD (if you've already XP Pro installed) there is a dialogue box which says 'Upgrade' or 'New'.In my case, after installing and uninstalling a lot of programs and softwares., which do you all recommend., an upgrade or a fresh install ? What is the difference between these two ?

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Thats right its an excellent way of fixing alot of little jitters and messup's you choose to repair the installed copy of XP and it does not change any settings that were all ready in place


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I should add that this is a good way to get into a computer that is pretty broken. It might not work perfectly and a format might have to be done, but you can get in and try to save some of your data, then do the format.

Once you format, it's final (for the most part) so you can try just about anything before you take the plunge since it's gonna be wiped anyway.

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