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Best way to configure?


The Analog Kid
Ok, I've decided to ditch my ATA card ( I think)

If I want 2 hard drive and a burner and a dvd how should I set them on my IDE ports?

I have heard that 2 optical drives should not be on the same IDE channel, especially if you copy from one to the other, which I do alot of.

I've also heard that if I put the optical drives on the same channel as a hard drive, that it will dramatically decrease HD performance.

Here's what I have and want the best performance from:
60 gig ata/100, 60 gig ata133, 12x cdrw, 12x dvd, 52x cdrom, ata133 pci card. Any suggestions? Please...
unless your mobo natively supports ATA 133 your gonna need to use the ata card or else you won't get ata133 performance

As for people who say it's bad to have a HD and cd-rom on the same cable because it will decrease performance, that is not true, if this was a scsi setup yes, but it's not :p

Just connect the ata drive to the card and the rest of the drives to the mobo...if you really wanna ditch the card connect the HD's together just make sure you setup master/slave correct, and the optical drivers together and your good to go :)


The Analog Kid
Hey, thanks, I think I'm gonna try ripping this mofo apart in a few minutes. The big thing is just that I'm having probs with the ATA card. Might just have to sac a little performance. I'm interested to see how it goes.

Hopefully all will be fixed soon. Tax return coming soon, that means I should be able to go out and buy a new system. Any suggestions for parts etc.?

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