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best reg cleaner?



what's the best registry cleaner? my reg is really messt and i need advice on which reg cleaner to use


No regcleaner will repair a 'messed registry'. All they do is removing unneeded entries, or to be true, in many cases entries they believe are no longer needed.

Perris Calderon

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good point yoyo

for instance, the best registry cleaner I know of, jv16 will actually remove incredimail registry entries.

so even with the good reg cleaners, you have to be careful what you delete.

their usually safe, as the backup files simply re-enters the registry entries

funny...this is the only valid entry that I have ever heard jv16 deleting

the coincidence is that incredimail is adware of the worst kind...very invasine...I don't recommend using incredimail

just some additional information, that's all

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I use four. :D
1/ jv reg cleaner
2/ easy cleaner (set with 'help' in the skip box)
3/ cleanreg3
4/ regscrubXP
Then I use erunt to back it up.
What one misses the other gets. (I hope) :confused:


TweakXP is a great proggy for cleaning registry and doing a lot of other things. It says it will also "repair" bad registry entries, but I don't know about that. They offer a demo version that will let you run 30 tasks, including cleaning registry.

Perris Calderon

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I will go with yoyo on this guys

for most users, the registry cleaners do more harm then good.

for instance, suppoe for arguments sake, the cleaner finds 400 bad entries.

well, you have to go through these, and decide which are actually bad, and which you don't want to take a chance with.

too many people wind up with problems in the future, that they don't attribue to registry cleaning, because they don't come up for months on end.

for instance, one famouse cleaner deletes your windows help file.


I haven't used the help file for over a year, but the other day, I used it to pull up an ms white paper to make a point.

so, if my help file had been removed by a reg cleaner, I could not have possibly atributed the problem to a reg clean that I did over a year ago, could I?

be very discriminating when using these

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