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Best offer -- AMD 64bit 4600+, 2gig DDR, Asus mobo, 150GB Raptor X...

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Selling my desktop will take the highest offer, any reasonable offer will not be refused i need money hehe, will ship to USA and Canada

-- AMD 64bit 4600+
-- 2gig DDR
-- Asus mobo
-- 150GB Raptor X 10,000rmp (one with glass seethrough top)
-- Nvidia 7900GT 256MB (BFG)
-- LightScribe DVD-DL Burner
-- TV tuner card
-- Dlink Wireless G card
-- Custom black case with front USB
-- free matching mouse and keyboard (came with the case)

pics HERE
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mobo was from an HP, took out 4200+ and put in 4600+, added video card, put in custom case..... front fan lights up whole case blue

heres the cpuid specs:

click HERE for CPU-Z specs

this is the tv tuner it has.... has a remote also http://www.kworldcomputer.com/product/digital/atsc115/atsc_115.htm#003

i know this tech is about a year from top of the line, im am not asking top dollar, but it is a very stable machine, and kik ass in source and other games
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Also, do you have any references? Ebay? heatware? Anything like that?

Cheers :)


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c'mon, start a bid, lowball i dont care, this thing has to go peeps, not fast enough for u to game??? bah use it as a server , and sell the video card


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But seriously, you say reasonable offer... but its hard to price it since you say you used the mobo from a HP. Maybe if you gave us a starting point it would help. To me, $127 is very reasonable. :p


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seeing how the video card still goes for 300

... i would like to get at least 400 for the system

shipping would be about 30 bucks, i have box for the case with stryofaom still so no worries about shipping

so i guess low as i want to go is $430 shipped


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Honestly, you'd be very lucky to get that video card sold for $100 :)

300 is way too steep for it. But, at least there is a solid number to work with :D


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Sorry mate that price for the GC is way off realistically. First off your card is used. Secondly I can get a 8800GTS that supports DX10 for that price. And that's out of the box.

Good luck with your sale though, you should get a bit more than $127. ;)


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Agreed, the GPU is not worth $300... but the system as a whole should still bring in a decent amount. If I was not broke right now I would be very seriously interested, if only for the Raptor, CPU and Ram its worth it.


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havent had time to keep up with the new gen or what they go for i just searched for 7900GT oc 256mb on newegg and the avg price was 300ish

and i know its used :p
I know that is a good system but...

New pricing for old cards is not realistic. You can get the cards or equivalent speed cards for a fraction of the price which is why $100-125 on that card is all you should expect. My $300 card is worth about $80 now. Note life expectancy for a gaming video card is 1-2 years. So it is probably on it's last legs.

A transpalnted HP MB with no spec's is essentially - $0.
A used 6400 is about - $60.
2 gig DDR with no brand or specs - $40
Used lightscibe no name - $15
Used no name TV tuner - $20
Used case, kybd, mouse - $20
Unknown name, no rating. used power supply - $10
You did not specify if Windows OS would be transfered.

System is worth maybe $165 + whatever you can get for a 3 generation old, power pig video card. They low balled you some, but the system is not really worth what you were expecting considering the age and lack of detailed spec's.

Parting it out may be a better option.
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