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Best *nix DVD Software

okies I been lookin around and about and so on and I also seem to have miss placed my copy of LinuxFormat which covered Linux DVD software

So chuck out your favourites

I have heard of Oogle and VLC, but I havent tried them yet, so any other recommendations or commendations for either of those two


I may actually be insane.
*Does the VLC dance*

Definitely VLC all the way, can't beat it, MPlayer is the same, I think it has a slightly more refined GUI (speaking from the Mac versions here, haven't tried *nix ones) and can be quicker to load.. but I'm still a VLC junkie when it comes to choosing one :D
compiled Okle (ogle with a kde front end) and that seems alright, just about to compile vlc now. I will give mplayer a try as well, weight them all up and decide :p

squidge# cd /usr/ports/multimedia/vlc/
squidge# make install clean
===> vlc-0.7.1_1 is marked as broken: conflicts with new threads architecture.

guess I will have to try that one sometime later :p

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