Best .... Music .... Ever

Perris Calderon

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all I can say is holy crow

I have lost touch with music nowadays, too involved in the political process in my community.

but man oh man I never heard of this guy but I will search him out

please post more on the u tube thread


.. Commodore ..
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I tried to learn how to play that song. It took me 2 years till I realized that I will never play it right .. It is way too difficult ..


F@H - Is it in you?
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Nothing's too difficult, but yes, it is one hell of a complicated piece. He seemed to take a break in the middle too, did you see? Looked like he might have missed a bit on a tab or two. But the overall flow was pretty impressive.

Do you play by ear or do you read?

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Ep, glad to see you come back and tidy up...did want to ask a one day favor, I want to enhance my resume , was hoping you could make me administrator for a day, if so, take me right off since I won't be here to do anything, and don't know the slightest about the board, but it would be nice putting "served administrator osnn", if can do, THANKS

Been running around Quora lately, luv it there
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All good still mate?
Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me ...
What a long strange trip it's been. =)

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