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Best Mouse Pad and Mouse



I am upgrading my rig, and i wanted to know if i should also get a new mouse pad. I herd about rat padz or something like that. Are they any good?? What would be a better mouse pad?? I was also think of getting a new mouse, one of thoses boomerag 2000. Are thoses and good?



i already go a wireless optical mouse should i change my mouse.. what difference can a new mouse make
Re: yo

Originally posted by cs-cky
i already go a wireless optical mouse should i change my mouse.. what difference can a new mouse make
Well compared to "older" cordless optical mice the Logitech MX-500/700 are kickass. They are much more responsive and accurate. I have an MX700 and it beats my bro's corded optical and my dads cordless optical (all Logitech) by alot. Optical also beats any ball mouse, no matter what the ball fans say. A little gunk in the ball mouse and you're lost. The optical just keeps on cruising! :)

As for pads, just make sure it's "compatible" with optical mice. There are som high en pads made specifically for opticals.

Me, I'm using a MX700 on a generic blue textile pad. :p


haha i think you mean razer boomslang not boomerang. which u can check out at http://www.razerzone.com/

basically it depends what you giong to use the mouse for.i have the lowest range in the MX series for logitech the MX300. it does the job well as they say it has better response time then most other optical mouse so using this would get better percision in games like counterstrike where you need to get a headshot.

but the razer boombslang has like 2500dpi but if you go there u can see how big it is. i have used one of them and man, its hella big.so its abit bulky.

reason i got the MX300 is because it is smaller for my palm.both MX500 and MX700 is just too big for me.go to a computer shop and test it out if you want to see what i mean. http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm?p...&countryid=19&languageid=1&SelectFeature=6177

now about the mouse pad, i disagree wif Un4gIvEn1. Even with an optical mouse, its adviced to get a mouse pad as it depends what table or traction it has.my table is abit reflective so its not good as the lazer just gets reflected back and i dont get a good 'feel' of the mouse.I have the RatpadzGS(http://www.ratpadz.com/) mouse pad as well.Reason being its cheaper then teh func 1030(http://www.func.net/) pad.

hope this helps....to conclude....MX series by logitech and either ratpadz or func.ratpadz cost half the price at $30AUD.
ive got an MS intellimouse explorer v1 and a tazmanian devil mousemat (its cool) - works really well imho.

works good without a mousemat also, but i prefer it with atm.

ive heard good things about the logitechs... but ive also heard bad things too, so I stuck with the microsoft ones :)

i also know a lot of people who sent their boomslangs back cuz they were poor compared to logitech's and microsoft's optical range... and for the price of them... I wouldnt get one (plus they look awful!)


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Re: Re: yo

Originally posted by Zedric
Optical also beats any ball mouse, no matter what the ball fans say.
There are actually ball mouse fans out there? :D

I went through three ball mice in a span of four years. I went optical in Fall 2002 and I would never go back in a million years.



yeah they are actually people who are a very avid ball mouse fan.People that play CS in my country tends to use ball mouse cuz they just feel the ball gives the weight enough to give drag for the awps.but i myself just swaped from a wireless ball mouse to the mx300.

but the people at NIP(ninjas in pyjamas) which is imo best cs clan in the world, most of them use the microsoft intelimouse with the func 1030 pads.


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I went wireless optical a few months back and like it's been said I'd never go back - no need for a mousepad!

However I tried logitech 1st and the wheel wouldn't work as there was some serious support issues...

Ditched and went MS optical blue. No probs there! Great gear.



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Be wary of cheap wireless mice especially optical one!!! I upgraded from a microsoft explorer wireless (optical) to the logitech mx700 the logitech just blew it away ssssssssoooooo much more responsive. The an old ver 1 microsoft explorer optical i have is as good as gold.

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