Best Motherboard Manufacturer?


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Originally posted by spikemic
who knows how to make boards better for their own chips? and not on the list... Intel
I agree there and the bios on the boards I've used r safe from other ppl also. I do also have an Asus which is a good board as a lot features that Intel doesn't offer or will not put their boards.

So my choice is Asus or Intel. Generally Intel


Chastity, you are right, Intel boards are so stable, but no frills, which is a good thing.. who needs onboard sound anyway!!?

So my Vote is AOpen. Ahh fooled you alittle there, but they make some excellent boards, feature full, top quality. :D


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This poll is missing a LOT of mother boards, however, My choice is on there, so I can't complain too much. I used to be a big Abit fan (still am) but I think asus is of higher quality now. Abit used to be revolutionary with softmenu and such, I still get much love for what they did to the overclocking scene, but I think Asus beats them out now with stability (LOVIN' the Nforce chipset for stability)


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I run an Abit KT7A-RAID and I really like it.

I've had Asus, Intel and FIC.

My next Board will be possibly a Dual AMD CPU Board.

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