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Best Linux for different server apps


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I would like your thoughts on the most user friendly Mail/Web/FTP Server for a NooB like me.

I need something that could be able to upload webpages created by Frontpage, and also maybe recognize the NTFS formats on my other machines. Networking with Windows is a must.

From what I've been reading so far, I am thinking of along the lines of Mandrake10.1. Either that or Ubuntu. I am leaning towards Ubuntu. Your thoughts,

Thanks in advance,

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Well Mandrake is a Linux distro and is seperate from "services" (mail/web/ftp). They are seperate and you can use the same linux versions of them on any linux distro. :) If your running linux your probably going to run apache as your web server. I'm not a *nix guru so I'm not going to suggest something for mail/ftp though. :p
if you want ntfs on linux you can only read files off ntfs but you can't write to it. you can write to ntfs through the network on another computer though... as forthe distribution i'm not too sure about which but i would suggest suse it has the most features in it so you will find what you need
I think the best distro for serving web/ftp/mail would be Centos4.1, its what we push to clients that dont have much linux/unix admin experiance. It works best with cPanel we find as well (largely because its practically identical to RHEL4). All the rest are more suited to being used as a desktop alternative to windows. (of the mainstream distrubutions atleast)


Overclocked Like A Mother
Would I be able to direct a Linux FTP server to another Windows machine to read/write to NTFS partitions on that Windows machine. Basically using the Linux Box as an FTP gateway?

Thanks in advance,



Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks LordOfLA,

That's what I am looking for.

Where can I locate such a distro? I will try google for now.


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