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best iphone apps?

Perris Calderon

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am thinking of finally changing carriers and am wondering what are the best both paid and non paid apps for iphone

thanx for the help

Perris Calderon

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My most used app == Pandora :cool:
sazar, I didn't even know what pandora was till you posted, looked it up and they make it for my windows mogul, downloaded and got it going

this program is AMAZING,not in the sophistication of code but in the practical everday use

I can't figure out who they are making money or even if they are, it seems to me companies like sprint simply pay a fee to pandora and this is their only source of revenue

anyway, going to enjoy this while I can, terrific app

I love the way it picks songs and allows a thumbs up or down, it's choices seem pretty close to what I asked for

thanx for the rec


F@H - Is it in you?
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I have Pandora One (signed up a while back :D )

On the iPhone, there are some ads if you do not have an account. They also have some licensing deals.


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So many apps for iPhone and I only use like maybe 5 ...

Tweetie (daily)
Pandora (sometimes)
Stanza (sometimes)
TwiT (sometimes)

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