Best Internet Security Program??

I've read a lot of useful information on this site and I am curious as to what the general opinion is on the best Internet Security Program is for one's PC.

I am aware of Norton, McAfee, Zone Alarm, Black Ice and a few others. But each of these programs (companies) praise their own product's efficiency over all others, so it is hard to get an objective opinion of what is really the best Firewall Program out there.

Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.



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I dont know which one is best, but I use outpost firewall, which also blocks ads and precaches websites for you. plus its free.


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I have only used Norton Internet Security and never had any problems with it. Although there are other good programs that I am sure others will tell you about.
Same here, only ever used Norton Internet Security so it would be unfair for me to say it's better than BlackIce etc. It works fine for me though and I like it (running 2003 now)
I’ve used Norton Firewall and Anti Virus as in my opinion they are pretty good, but have to say they did not stop two Trojan’s from infecting my system and they could not remove them. They were also well known (two months old low risk) viruses. However to move up to the next level of protection costs megabucks. I’d stick with Norton effort, its good value for the money and consistently beats it’s rivals in tests.


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I have run both Norton Internet Security 2002 and NIS 2003. 2003 is greatly improved over 2002 and runs much smoother and more quickly. It uses less system resources to accomplish the same goal. Along with NIS I also run Norton AntiVirus. I have been running NAV (many different versions) for about eight years now and a virus has never gotten past it.

NIS is easy to configure, works great, and I highly recommend it.


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I have been running NAV & NIS 2002 since release and have never had a problem also there are some nice online features such as security checks and IP tracing etc.. which Norton provide.

However I suppose others also offer these services.



Got NIS2003, well worth it, the ad blocking & popup stopper is priceless by itself!!. Also you get NAV2003, which again is the best IMO.

Never had any issues with Norton software. They may be more expensive than some others, but you get what you pay for, and you get lots ! with NIS2003. :D



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I'm pleased someone mentioned the inbuilt Firewall. I've tried a lot of them and find there always seems to be a downside with them. Though I'm subscribed to Norton I don't use it because of problems I encountered with it. The Inbuilt seems to be doing its job for me.
Of course this can change but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Regards, George
Saying which is best is always open to discussion, read ten reviews and you get ten different opinions. Many fine programs do essentially the same task, the trick is finding one that works well with your system/configuration. People sometimes get hung up on trying to install the 'best' program. Some people have big proplems with a program, and others have none. With so many different hardware/software combinations, one size does not fit all.

I also like Agnitum's products. I use their free firewall, and bought Tauscan. Plenty of good reviews, and for my system installation/operation has been painless.

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