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Best HSF? Quiet?


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I wite this because i would like to hear if water cooling is worth it.. right now i have four 80mm case fans... two in the front as intake and 2 in the rear as exaust in a case that gets good airflow.. an antec servercase....

... i use a Thermaltake Volcano 7+ ... boy does it sound like a volcano... i have to run this on high to get my 2100+ to idle at 44c and at a full load it is at 48c...... i know that these temps arnt 1337 but they arnt that bad... the thing is i would be happy with them if is wasnt fo friggin loud.. i think i have a perment buzz in my ears....

... my quesion to you guyz is, is water cooling worth it? will it be more of a hassle than it is worth to keep my TV on less than 1/2 volume just to hear it? ....

.... mabey there is a better HSF that is quiet that cools as good or better?... please help me out i cant stand this noise anymore hehehe...


P.S. - my case is in a cool room, with very good ventlation.. not tucked up against a wall or anything.. and no overclocking, running on the Soyo Dragon ultra platinum... same temps as on my Abit KG7-RAID when i threw the chip in there to see....


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the thing is that it sits on a wood floor

i am thinking that is why all the sounds are amplifided.,.. but mabey not because if i use the switch and put the fan into low or medium mode the fan is much quieter... but then the temps can rais up to 46 at idle and 50 at load......... i dont understand why something set up like this with some Properly installed AS3 would idle soo high in a nice cool room even at 2am :(


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i think i will try it with this thin piece of rubber foam i have tomorrow...

.. also i was looking into the sound absorption mats.... http://www.xoxide.com/sounabmat.html .. anyone have experince with this.. also i am still stuck as to why my temps are that high with that many fans on a stock 2100+ ... no over clock at all :( the world hates me i think


yo catch 23, how do you put a smart case fan 2 (the volcano 9 fan) ontop of the volcano 7 heatsink? the fan being 80mm and the heatsink only 70mm? also, have u tested it to see if it's better? as i have both parts in question and would be keen to combine them if any advantage was gained.


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if you've got money to blow, water cooling can always be worth it. it's quieter and much more efficient. but if you're more value-conscious, stick with air-cooling.


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OMG crazy u live in Elk Grove too ahhaha,,,, crazy this city is so lost when it comes to knowing anything aobut comps....hehehe..... look for my private message


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i just wanted to know is ilde at 43c with a volcano7+ and fan on high speed, properly applyed AS3, and two 80mm intake and exause fans... with a cool (cold at times) room is right? seems that i shouldnt have to listen to this thing buzz to get these idle temps.... mabey there isnt another 70mm fan that can get 49cfm with less noise?

any help is apperciated, i am just kinda stuck i gotta do something about the noise


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i'd say make sure it's your cpu fan making all the noise, first. if you can unplug it for a second and it's still too loud for your liking, look into replacing/removing some case fans or find the loud ones.

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