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best gpu for $200?

what's everyones opinion on a GPU, nvidia OR ati, but preferably nvidia, for about $200? (MAX $215) AGP 8x with a good fan and heatsink. - i'd also prefer it had 256mb of RAM.

i looked on pricewatch, but i got a lot of mixed prices on a lot of diff gpus, so i wasnt sure. can anyone say from experience?

thanks for the help, trying to build a new computer, and i figure i'll buy the gpu first cause i can use it in my current system till im all set to put the peices together on my new one. hard drives are after this....


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For that price, a 6600GT. There aren't many (if any) with 256MB of memory in that price range.

Newegg has quite a few on sale (instant rebates/mail in rebates). All between 160.00 to 190.00 (before the rebates).


Buy dot com has the XFX 6600GT for 225.00


There are some Radeon 9800Pro cards with 256 MB of Memory in that price range. But I don't think they are as good as the 6600GT.


Up to you though.

Go and dig around (like I just did). Read some reviews then deside.

This place (Central Computers) here in San Francisco has the same XFX 6600GT for 216.00


I do business with them constantly.
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Thanks for your help. dont think i havent done any digging around though, cause I have. :)

anyone else have any other thoughts? I'm definately leaning towards the 6600gt so far.
I perfer nvidia cards, everytime I tried an ATI I have had driver problems and gaming issues.

I would suggest waiting a bit if you are looking to get an nvidia card, the G70s are slated to come out this month from what has been sneaking out through the webvine. Once those come out the 6xxx series cards are gonna get a heck of alot cheaper.


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Spend a little more and get up to 2x the performance for sub $300 with either an ati x800xl or nvidia 6800GT.

The GT comes in 2 flavors, the GTO and GT, make sure you get the GT.

I would rather spend a little more and get a little more life out of a product, if you catch my drift. Better investment.
Wait another 4-6 weeks for the new ATI and Nvidia GPUs to come out. The older gpu's will dorp in price. Then you can probably buy SAZAR's recommendations at the price you want.

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