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Best Console?



Im tempted to get a console, I have narrowed it down to the XBOX or PS2. Any opinions?

Ideally id like a new PC, but just cant afford it, so Im thinking of leaving my PC as it is. The annoying thing is that later on Id like to get Doom3 etc, so I guess that will be PC based.

I just cant makeup my mind..console..or update PC.. PC upgrade will be expensive though :(



Can anyone tell me what is the DVD playback quality of the PS2 is like compared to a dedicated DVD player ? I assume the Xbox can play DVD's as well.
I'd go to Game Cube! PS2 and Xbox have the same games..the best thing about Xbox is its online gaming plans because it's supported by M$!
Game Cube...Resident Evil will be playble only with it..niether PS2 nor Xbox will have it..
it depends on your style...do you like FPS games? then upgrade your PC...because PS2, Xbox and game cube are like Ferrari cars! but with bad wheels! there is no mouse to play FPS games on the 3 consoles which makes the control pads sooooo gay..take red faction on PS2 as example.
Zelda,Castlevania,mario and resident evil..are only on GC!
I have PS2, I have not touched it for more than 3 months..its market is dead.

By the way...your PC's specs is almost complete! you need to get new 3D card..GeForce 3 or 4(let's say MX) it costs around $75
Just bought the XBox some days ago playing Rallysport Challenge at the moment. All I can say is that it's great!!!

Great graphics, great sound, great handling, great controller!

Though I never played the PS2 but the specs are much better for the XBox and there also be great games comin' out til Christmas so even this is no reason getting the PS2 anymore
get a ps2 ,theres heaps more games,its backward compatible with the ps1 it will be internet ready soon (now in the states i think)you can play dvds out of the box -x box needs extra hardware its black ,its sleek ,not like the bulky x box theres some great new stuff coming out for it,tomb raider etc the controllers a bit big if you have kids (cant get their fingers round the top buttons)and its cheaper than the struggling x box

nuff said:cool:


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erm... xbox needs extra hardware? besides the dvd controller what else? and the dvd contorller is $35...and its a ripoff


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I will say that the Playstation2 has a vast library of games partly because its backwards compatible to the Playstation. The PS2 network adapter supports both broadband and dial-up net access whereas the Xbox will as far as I know only support broadband which in my mind is being a little shortsighted or pissing folks off who don't have a broadband connection. As far which console is better get them all so u have almost any type of game that strikes ur fancy


Depends on the type of games you play and if you have other consoles. If you are a FPS fan then computer upgrade. If you have a PS1 and are a fan of Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy and, the others exclusively for PS then get the PS2. If you just want to play games then get the Xbox. I personally would get the PS2 because I am a big fan of Gran Turismo but I think the graphics on the Xbox are better.


I have both a PS2 and Xbox. I love Gran Turismo on PS2, and my fav on Xbox is burnout or Rally Sport Challenge.

I don't see too big a difference in DVD playback on PS2 verses DVD players. PS2 does support both Dolby Digital and DTS (you need a digital optical input on your receiver. It also has the usual analog outputs also, but the sound is much better when you use digital.

The Xbox has DVD playback also, but you need the DVD playback kit (remote and IR Receiver) for it to work.

Like Chastity said, it all determines on what available games strike your interest. The Xbox has very good graphics.


I'd go for xbox for various reasons, but the biggest and most important its its CAPABILITIES, if you get a modchip to play backups not only can u play backups and imports but they have all sorts of emualtors for the xbox , snes, nes, genesis, seg master systen, mame and much much more. media players that play divx 5.02 and below even mp3s and wma. And to top it all it can even run linux distributions like suse linux 8. Now thats what i call a full equipped console, its worth its price.


only thing with the mod chip for the xbox is that if you want to get xbox live, then you wont be able to.... so be careful on what you do to it ;)

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