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Best Cable Modem to buy?


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I am switching from DSL to Cable (Comcast) and I am going to buy a modem instead of leasing thiers. I am intrested in which is the fastest and most stable. I looked at one from Motorola, one from Toshiba, and one from Best Data. I can give you the model #'s if you need them.

I've used a Toshiba, a Motorola, and a Terayon cable modem so far. All of them were DOCSIS certified. Didn't ever notice any difference in speed. I doubt you can go wrong with any of them.
Look for the one that has the features you need (some have a USB connection in addition to the regular RJ-45 port...if you need that), or the one you can get the best deal on.


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I recently upgraded cable modems for latency reasons and I highly recommend the motorola surfboard modem. Nice little sleep button, usb capable, and it's docsis 2.0 compliant.


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yes i would go with the one leedogg recommended. My friends uncle let me borrow his after i had to get ride of mine (i looked at naughty stuff) and it seemed to be alot better than this weird alien lookin one comcast let us lease.

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