Best Bluetooth earpiece for V3c?


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What's the best bluetooth earpiece for the V3c? I've had some connection issues at times with my Moto earpiece and also sound quality is fuzzy at times.

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hmmm...for me the design is everthing, I can't stand the ear pieces that sit on top of my ear...there's too much ambient sound that gets through

plantronics has a pretty good design that has a little funnel thingy at the end and goes directly into your canal which makes the conversation more natural

personally, I recomend you NOT wear the earpiece wating for a call, those are microwaves transmitting blue tooth and I can't believe there is no harm being that close to your brain

I keep my bluetooth on my console ready to wear when the phone rings.

as far as which has the best reception and conectivity, I didn't know this was an issue so I don't know
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thanks for the reply. ;)

right now i'm looking at these motorola models: HS815, HS820, HS850, H700. im open to other options as well especially that plantronics earpiece as it sounds really good, but i cant find it.


OSNN One Post Wonder
What are the differences between all of these bluetooths? I can see that they look different but so are the prices. I've been looking for one but I can't see myself paying alot for one.

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