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Best blank dvds for my burner

Shamus MacNoob

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Well you will see that most home dvd players prefere +r and with my Lite-On the same as yours I use Memorex +r , Verbatim +r and I find that they work very well , You might also see that some home dvd players just dont play copies very well at all, where as some others have no troubles with them.


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I use nothing but Ridata +Rs and Memorex +Rs and have not had 1 (and I really mean I've not had 1) bad burn ever!

that could be those blank discs or my NEC dvd burner (2500 flashed to a 2510)


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Don't go by retail names... Most big names (TDK, Sony, Fuji, Memorex, etc) switch disc manufacturers regularly. Taiyo Yuden is by far the best disc manufacturer, usually notable by the fact that blank discs or packaging will say "Made In Japan." The exception to this is Sony, which does have their own -R discs which are made in Japan. Verbatims are normally good, made by MCC (Mitsubishi). I highly recommend you check the media code written on the disc. Nero can do this as well as DVDIdentifier.

It also depends on the burner that you have and Lite-On's have not been the best DVD burners out there, but there scanning capability is great.

Ritek (Ricoh) used to be great discs but have gone very far down hill in the last few months.

I definitely recommend that you aqcuaint yourself with Nero's CD/DVD Speed and do some disc quality scans.


The Analog Kid
The thing I disagree with in the guide is the classification of CMC media. CMC can make some decent media. ANd they also have different tiers to their manufacturing (IE, Verbatim gets the best, off-brands get second tier).

ALot of folks over at cdfreaks.com have been getting consistantly good burns with CMC MAG E01 recently.


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It is a complete minefield, (and that's not bringing dual-layers into the equation :nervous:) but I've always found Verbatim to be very good for DVD-Rs. I don't think I've used DVD+Rs.

I ALWAYS use TDK for audio CDs but I've never used them for DVDs.

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