best album of all time

The two links above have a (very) brief overview of smile that I thought you guys might find interesting. Also, the Rolling Stone Top 500 list has a little paragraph about the Beatles/Beach Boys rivalry if you go the Pet Sounds page:

The Beatles made a point of echoing them on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band -- an acknowledgment that Pet Sounds was the inspiration for the Beatles' masterpiece.

Below is a link that has a pretty good listing of Beach Boys bootleg records:

I am gonna write up a list of the ones I have..I also I have a decent amount of video. I was in a yahoo group music tree and thats how I received most of my bootlegs. The video tree I think is still up, here is the link:
To be quite honest, I never realised the beach boys were so huge. Obviously I expected so much from The Beatles, i think i'm going to give The Beach Boys a listen.
??????? "Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms" @#351???????
Awesome album, not a bad song on it.
Top 10 for sure, top 3 for me

??????? "ZZ Top: Eliminator" @#396???????
Huge hits!!
Sure it's not #1 but 396???????

Maybe the folks at R.S. spent a little too much time with Lucy, the Sky, and Diamonds (but then again - I never read that rag anyway)

I'm at least glad to see that The Police and Talking Heads got some mention (can ya tell I loved the 80s - stuff from Banarama to Ratt)
Ok I think they got stuck in a rut, If they are looking for most influential albums of all time they need to mention Muddy Waters "The London Sessions." Probably the biggest impact on Brit Rock and Roll ever. They have Miles Davis at 12 so dont be hating, they also should have Stevie Wonder "Songs in the Key of Life" a top ten album for sure and I think the Marvin Gaye should be moved higher. A case could also could be mentinoed for The Who "Who's Next" hey I like the Beatles but to have four in the top ten and not mention any body else here would be criminal.

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