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Benchmark Score (too low)


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Hello Everyone,

You must get 1000's of these every month haha but I need to ask this. My desktop system is just outright performing terriable in games, from vice city to ffxionline.com. When I ran 3dsmark2001 on it (1024x768, D3D Pure Hardware, compresses textures, antialasing: none) I got the very low score of: 5600. I really think that should be higher!
Now this system isn't too bad so I figure i should get higher. The system specs are:

[Custom Built by me]
Athlon XP 1900+ (1.5 I believe, not overclocked)
512MB 1 DIMM DDR Ram
Geforce 4 ti4200 128MB DDR Ram (AGP 4x)
Windows XP Pro SP1 (With latest service packs)
Direct X 9.0b
K7S5A Motherboard
Geforce driver version: 4.4.04 (44.03 I believe) by NVIDIA (Not Digitally signed)
And system running very cool... maybe overclock it?

I'm thinking that it might be my drivers (what version should I upgrade to?), or probaly more my programs that I have running at startup. Anyone know of a really good website that has a huge list of programs at startup, tells what they do, and if you need it or not? I really want to improve my score, also, what would you guys think if the next thing worth upgrading on this machine? Or is this machine too old, and it's time to retire? Also, what resolution should I be able to play Vice City at smoothly, once I've done everything that everyone suggests?

Thanks, and any infomaton would help.



Apple lover, PC User
I heard sometimes that the latest drivers aren't the greatest... Anyone want to suggest something? Which are the best?



Ignorance Defined
With that equipment, you should definately get a little higher! Are you sure you are running benches in 3dmark2001 and not 2003?

Anywho, as the previous post detail, the latest drivers usually incorporate better technology/resource allocation. I would try to use the latest drivers to see if that would do it. You can also go to Driverheaven.com to see if other people have had problems with the drivers you are referring to. Also, do you have the latest chipset drivers for your mobo? Check your manufacturer's website for that.

Secondly, blkviper.com does an outstanding job of detailing services you can terminate to free up some resources for gaming. I would definately recommend visiting that site.

Overall, you should be getting near 10k in 2001SE with that setup right now.
Is your bios set to the right front side bus speed? A lot of them come with a low FSB as default. Also, do you have the latest agp driver for your mobo?
EEK, something is definately terribly wrong. My old Dell Pentium III 800MHz with 256MB PC133 and a GeForce 2 Pro gets around that score. Do you have chipset drivers, and an adequate power supply?

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