Belkin Wireless G + MIMO Router... is it good?


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Hey guys,

I've typically been a linksys fan in the past. This past weekend I went to the store to get a router on short notice. Since they were out of their standard Wireless G Routers (and I don't need Wireless N!!!) I decided that I was going to get Belkin's Wireless G + MIMO router. So far I like the interface, and it hasn't given me any performance problems what so ever. But was it a bad buy? I made sure that I had a return policy on it (45 day) with no questions asked...

But as previously stated, is it worth it? Does MIMO actually do anything, or is it a gimmick? Your expertise is needed here.



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There's a good article on MIMO at the ComputerWorld website. It's not a gimmick, and after researching it myself a bought a Belkin Pre-N MIMO router. It's been great and I get outstanding reception with it -- it's on the bottom floor of my 3-story home and I don't lose a bar anywhere in my home.

Some people will swear by Linksys or Netgear, and while they are both fine I've been very happy and impressed with my Belkin product. Did you pay significantly more for the Belkin?