BEFW11S4 password recovery/reset


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Ok guys, I can not figure out what I set the password to my Cable Router is set too...

I looked on-line and found the default and that does not work either...

I did NOT find any help in the manual for resetting the password, but it seems odd to me that you couldnt... Ideas?


I didnt really have much time to research this, and I know its out there... so Resp+ to the person that posts it first... Let the games begin!
My Netgear has a tiny button you need a pin to push by holding it for ten seconds while the power is on. Maybe there's something similar on yours?


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i would say hard reset it, makes it go back to factory default ;)

as a few people have said it's normally a small button you can press with a paperclip.


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That works on Linksys routers, should work on the modem. Make sure you hold it in a while, my router will soft reset after the button is pressed, but needs to be held in for 30 seconds to hard reset.


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Mastershakes said:

Too bad we will never know the crazy password you set on it.... ;)
well it would have been possible for me to figure it out but it would have taken FOREVER...

a brute force attack never would have worked (or maybe it could have but it would ahve taken a LOOONG time) because I use two or three words hashed together with numbers mixed in, and use special characters as some of the letters so lets say I was a tampa bay lightning fan

I might have used something like: 06|ightningkick@s$

or something like that... and I only have 3 default passwords which I use for all of my logins, with different variations....

so it would have taken me forever, even though I know the 3 passwords I use as my base.. it sux...


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Stanley Cup champs. I like em (I'm a diehard Habs fan) cuz they have lots of canucks on their team, led of course by Montreal Native Vinny.... he's incredible.

Good, secure password policy. I just switched this year (@ work, no way I'd do it at home) to pass phrases.

hehe.... when they made the switch the majority of my passwords became

who is your daddy, and what does he do?

of course I shortened it after a month.... but the wierd thing is, I have an easier time remembering the phrases than the alpha numeric passwords. :)

At home, it's alpha-num .... and it's patterns on the keyboard. I couldn't even tell you what the passwords are, I don't know. It's just a pattern typed out on the keyboard.

BTW - It's Friday mofos !!!!

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