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Not Bman

I have a folder as shown in attached image.

This is a Blu-ray HD Movie correct? How do I play it? How would I go about converting it into a more usable format without losing any quality?
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PowerDVD Ultra would give it a go I guess.
How did you come across this folder?
Technically illegally, though it was paid for by a friend, understand? lol

Thanks, PowerDVD works with it. Can it be converted, or changed to play back in more players?
Not sure, PowerDVD used to be quite happy playing DVDs that were ripped to the hard disk.

I have a Bluray somewhere and will give it a go on my PC tomorrow although, PowerDVD doesn't like playing them on my PC as the monitors are connected using DVI (oh noes!)
Since I posted it, I am playing it fine within PowerDVD though it's playing the French version. I can't find any menu options to change it, any ideas?
use imgburn to make it into an image, it will be more usable plus it should find the menus - should help you convert it

I will try imgburn, the link you sent was helpful but not. I was not successful with converting, I was needed to install like 3 programs, and change all kinds of settings and all that, quite abit to just change a file.
you will not find an in in one solution with a nice little gui that will hold your and and give you great results, at least not for hd stuff, you have to get your hands dirty sometimes, or may i suggest the next time you require a film you either buy it or rent it and copy the dvd, as it may be easier for you, as there are many programs out there that will do dvd to avi in a one click enviroment
Imgburn didn't work, sure it created an image file, but that image file is just of the files I already had.

And I can get my hands dirty, but when the programs they suggest to use just don't work well it's kinda hard.
thats what an image file is - now if you mount the disc powerdvd will play it and you should have your menus, all you need to do is install a codec that can handle the stream of the movie - in the case of avc you will require a codec (directshow otherwise no encoder will see it via avisynth) or you cant play the video (powerdvd should have installed some but ffdshow is better) and megui is a good tool as it will let you do it to x264 (great compression) or xvid, that is only a guide you dont have to change any settings if you dont want to, i normally use HQ_Slowest for all my encodes and i never touch a thing
Yes, I knew that. It did not work, PowerDVD just gives an internal error. I have all required codecs installed on my system, ffdshow, mpc and such.
i would try demuxing the file so you have audio and video stream and see if the video plays in any other player

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