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21 Jun 2002
Well I'm sending my PS3 back to sony to get fixed but the thing I'm most surprised about is the utter lack of help and information.

I received my confirmation email and a link to the service guide to fill out and send back with my ps3. Well the link in the official email doesn't work "it says The page you are looking for is no longer here"

So I called Sony and told them and they told me that the form has to be completed and sent back in and to wait 24 hours and if it doesn't work wait another 24 hours. Ok great. Also they would not be able to email it to me or send it to me in any way.

So it still doesn't work and I send in an email request to customer service asking for them to send me the document or any help with the problem and get and get this canned response that doesn't even relate...

"Thank you for writing us.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. The PLAYSTATION(R)Network may have
been experiencing technical difficulties or may have been down for maintenance when you were
attempting to access our servers. We hope our servers are back online at this time, however, if you
are still experiencing problems, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Please rest assured
that our engineers and administrators are working to resolve any known issues as quickly as
possible. Once again, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

You may wish to review our Knowledge Base for additional information:

We would also recommend the following Knowledge Base articles that relate to this topic:

- PLAYSTATION Network Status.

If you have further questions regarding this message and are replying back via email, please refer
to your email case number:XXXXXXX

Multimedia Representative
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Consumer Services Department"

So after the link not working the customer service rep on the phone not helping and the email from customer service of course not helping at all, I get to hope they put a copy of the form in the box or I don't know what I'll do.

It's been 5 days, no form, and my box arrives today. I hope their service center is a lot better than their customer service center.

Sadly I've had to send my Xbox360 in as well but never had this type of problem getting questions answered.

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