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Battlefield Bad Company 2


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I#ve never really pushed my Q9400 cpu, HD4870 budget gaming rig to the limits before, but this game is just amazing, it functions spectacularly. I have to say.

I';ve completeled the game in noob mode, and really liked it, and now im doing it again in hard mod, although it's nightmarish, and feels very much like RL as a single bullet can kill you if you get headshot.

Anyways, im off to venture of to some other fps foir the pc, anyone got any suggestions?


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Re: Battlefield badcompany 2

What FPS games have you played? Obviously the Half-Life 2/HL 2 Episodes are all fantastic but you have probably played those. Modern Warfare 2, despite its critics, is amazing and quite similar to BF:BC2. What are your fave FPS games?
Re: Battlefield badcompany 2

At first I was unsure of Battlefield badcompany 2 but once I started playing I really enjoyed this. I thought it had some of the best dialog and story line for a FPS story line I've played.

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Re: Battlefield badcompany 2

Rushed through the single player and have been playing a bit of the multiplayer, very enjoyable apart form being sniped from miles and miles away :p

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