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battlefield 2 question


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the other day my bro decided to start playing bf2 (which i've been playing for months) but when he tried to enter a game he got an "invalid cdkey message"

i think it has to do with xp accounts (i installed/play it @ mine, he tried with his)... you guys think if i re-install the game from his account it would work from both?

also if anyone knows a way to fix this without re installing the game it would be super helpful... 3cds+expansion+500mb patch takes a really long time

thx in advance
I played BF2 for over a year. I do not think BF2 allows multiple users from one account with online play. An account is tied to a CD key. I have graduated to BF2142 and that does allow multiple user accounts, just not simultaneously.

CD key acceptance should be fine for one account on any machine. But it has to be the account you already set up for your CD key under gamespy.

Also, there was a bug with BF2 setting up a new account. I think you had to go play a game offline before the new account is recognized.

I do remember account setup and name selection was pure hell when my gaming clan started playing. Buggy and annoying. Check the FAQ's on some of the BF2 sites they may still have the trick to getting the game registered.


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I seem to remember that the invalid CD-key was due to some sort of server issue with an earlier patch - if you update the game version it may behave better, although if you are still having the problems I would follow the advice of Leejend and check the FAQs


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no, see, the two of us have each it's own bf2 account... and we're not trying to play at the same time or anything
that's why it's so weird...

oh, and i already have the lastest patch

Shamus MacNoob

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Your trying to install the game twice on the same machine? There is no need to do that , just use 2 different internet names , I run one online account my son another on the same machine , of course there is no way to play at the same time on the same machine, but we have 2 copies of the game and the boys also have their account on their machine, so that way we can play from two machines here at the same time.

So there is no reason to install the game twice on one machine...


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i'm using 2 different names...

just to be sure, you all play on the same win xp account or each on it's own?


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ah... that must be it then... i think bf2 only enables the cdkey for the xp account you installed the game in

thanks all


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correct it will only use the same account for to be installed. you will notice that bf2 has a folder in My docs specifically fro your windows profile. this has all of your config files and my have your encrypted cdkey in here as well.


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yes... thank you all... i found the solution...

the cd comes with a reg program to enter the cdkey, i did that in my bro's account and now it works (doesn't seem to work with sf though, but is something)

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