Batch File Commands



Try searching for 'NT Shell Scripting'. I did a quick search, but I couldn't be bothered to find a deffinative list.

I use a book you see.
Thanks but the Forum is playing silly buggers.

When i search for "NT File Scripting" i am informed that the word NT is too small, the minimum length of a word is 3 characters.

Well - that progress.

I will try again on "Shell scripting".

Anyway, many thanks for the advice.

I grew up on computers from the dark ages - Elliot 803s (the size of a house and with a whopping 8K memory and best used as a room heater), Commodore Pets (IEEE, a tape drive and later a disk drive) etc etc and I used to have about 200 books on computing and computer languages (from machine code to Algol to html to ....). Now I am retired I rarely use anything other than Windows so I have very few books.

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