Based On A True Story

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    the year 2525
    i know two midgets
    they frequent my establishment on avery regular basis, yet, they always are upset, and they talk about never finding girls or making love
    i suggested a good brothel that i know, so... i took them there
    basically a reception with sofas and girls waiting for a client to choose, they both chose a
    very beautiful girl each and then went upstairs with them after paying in ,they looked excited
    i stayed at the bar and had a few beers and went home but promised to meet them there in the morning
    that evening the one dwarf i like to call stumpy, couldn't get an erection, he paid all that cash and he felt really embarrassed cause he couldn't perform, and to make things worse all he could here from the other midget in the next room that i call shorty was
    shouting really loud, they were obviously really having fun he thought, he heard "ok ,1,2,3, aaahhhh, this kept going on, he then heard 1,2,3, aaahhhhh again, in fact this went on for hours, he just thought, what a lucky bugger
    they both slept the night
    in the morning the unlucky midget went downstairs to the bar to get lashed and shortywas already drinking at the bar, they both looked really deflated and then i turned up
    i said what's the matter, stumpy said that he couldn't get an erection and shorty said , thats alright for you matey i couldn't even get on the flaming bed
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    Hahahahaha, couldn't get on the bed :p... soooo, this is what is called a "short" story? :p