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Barcelona Issues?


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Currently issues with:

1. Memory controller - Re-spin supposed to/supposedly made things better.

2. New Hyper-transport Bus - Re-spin supposed to/supposedly made things better.

These issues == why there has been a delay apparently.

Marchitecture == ace.

Issue == the pants.

That is all.

I find it unlikely if all they did was re-wore the MMU and start using HT3 :)

Also with Penryn and Nehalem over the next 12 monts AMD seems to have been caught getting a touch complacent.
They enhanced SSE also which should improve video processing. The MMU has seen substantial improvements (similar to what Intel did, but not as far) and the power management is improved. But they are going to run the clocks slower with quad core to make the 95W power rating which will hurt them.

The AMD quoted 40% improvement over Intel product is laughable. I figure overall it might match the current generation Intel parts. Catchup is hell.

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