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Bad Sectors

Do you mean a blank or one that is already burned?

Blank - No sectors until you burn it. CD Roms use data correction methods to make up for bad sectors. There are always plenty.

Burned - Try reading it. If it comes baack with an error it's had surface damage.

If your asking about intentional bad sectors used in copy protection, that is a cracking question. Such discussions are discouraged on this forum.
No I was wondering if there is software similar to Scandisk, or Checkdisk as its called in XP that will work to test a CD. I loaned one to a friend and he sent it back saying it had bad sectors. I was wondering how he would check for that.
Why does someone always presuming a question has something to do with cracking? I wouldn't know how to crack my way out of a paper bag.


Use the Surface Scan in Nero CD Speed, thats what I use to scan for bad or damaged sectors on CDs/DVDs.
Never mind, I was talking to the guy again, he said it turned out there was nothing wrong with the CD it was some problem with his computer

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