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Bad Religion (The Band)

Hey I want this thread to talk about Bad Religion and there songs only. They are a very olf punk rock band and they still play today. They have 16 cds out and they have a new one is a few weeks. So that 17 great cds. My favorite cd by them is All Ages. If you still dont know bad religion they are on the Vans Warp Tour. I really want to know what American Jesus the song is about. I thought it meant that the president was jesus and he controlled us all but after reading the lyrics its not. I think now it means that we already have a jesus or there is no such thing and people made jesus up and he is bad. Becasue towards the end he says......

He’s the fuel that drives the clan
He’s the motive and conscience
Of the murderer
He’s the preacher on t.v.
The false sincerity
The form letter that’s written
By the big computers
He’s the nuclear bombs
And the kids with no moms
And I’m fearful that
He’s inside me
Whats the song about?

If you want to listen to bad religion for the first time i recommend...

Bad Religion - Pity the Dead
Bad Religion - American Jesus
BAd Religion - Modern Man


Dabba Dooba
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My gf is into the Punk big time. I am getting into it more and more since i have been with her. She went to the warper tour when it was in Detroit last month she liked it alot cept her fav band blink-182 wasnt there. I heard of the Bad Religion but never listened to them might have too sometime.


Dabba Dooba
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To some people they r...i think its just a band that sings funny stuff. Most of there songs r just somethin funny like I wanna **** a dog in the ass or When u fooked grandpa. There r some others but i dont know the rest.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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dreamliner77 said:
Blink 182 is not punk...
true and untrue...they used to be punk but now they are pop...Like I thought Bad Religion used to be really good like their first ten albums but they kind of loafed on being very good recently and went more for the financial gain, can't blame them for it but they may have alienated some of their fans


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ok this might just be the Old Punk argument resurfacing...but if your aim is commercial you have sold out! Punk is all about the music and a cry for freedom, politics, and alienation. Feel good music does not fit the punk ideal..

The Clash-Punk
Blink 182 - not Punk
The Minutemen - Punk
Bad Religion -Punk
Green Day - Mebbe?
X - Punk
Black Flag - Punk
Good Charlotte - not Punk
Of course I left out a lot of names... this is just a a sampling.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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true yes but some bands from the beginning use the real ideals of punk and some don't...you look at sum 41 and New Found Glory and those bands and they were just kids who saw the girls going to punk shows and was like hey we can sing songs that the girls like and make money, so that ashlee simpson and avril lavigne (sp?) can go around and call them punk...

Punk has died and come back and died and come back cause of the commerciality of things, when bands get big they lose the fans that got them famous and look for the the poppie little girls to buy their records...

I like what you did though falcon and will add my ideas as well

the clash - founders
Blink 182 - not punk (used to sort of be)
Black Flag - very punk (Henry Rollins anyone!)
any band that looks punk on mtv - not punk but it gives little white girls the opportunity to be different...hahahaha
Propagandhi - holy crap in your face punk with a little thrash (my favorite band btw)
NOFX - carriers of the new age of punk getting into the billboard top 200 without mtv the radio or promotions
Strung Out - great when they are on their game(best drummer in any punkband period and screw travis from blink 182) also going to see them in a week or so in Chicago...they put on a great show

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