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I simply want to backup a series of files on my computer onto mulitple DVD's. We are talking 28GB of data so I want to back it straight onto the DVD drive rather than say, create a split zip file and burn that. I simply don't have 28GB elsewhere to place the files! Ghost is not a option because I don't want to create a snapshot of the drive/disk, just the files so I can place them back anywhere.

What is the easiest software to perform this task?

I have nero 6, but for the life of me I can't get Nero BackItUp to work, it just hangs for ages, counts up, but does nothing.

Hope you can help.

bush dogg

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I haven't tried to span using the data disc option so I'm not sure.

I use the data disc option and add to the project untill the disc is full because of the time it take's to do an image span. This way I can just do 4.7g or close at a time onto the disc and reload one or all and it seems to take less time that spanning them. I just use how ever many disc's it takes. (most cases only one extra is all it takes).

The last time I used nero backup with only 11g to DVD it took around 4 or 5 hours to complete.


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Spanning is probably not a good idea. If one of the earlier discs becomes corrupt, you could have problems getting stuff off a later disk.

I'd just use make standard data disks. And label them correctly.

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