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I have a bunch of pictures in the My Pictures folder that i apply to my background when i feel like a change. However i always have to browse to the My Pictures folder to see them. Doesn't XP put the contents of My Pictures into the selection box for your background like ME used to? if so could someone tell me how to do it?
I'm surprised it's not doing it for you now. Did you move your 'my pictures' or 'my documents' folder from thier default location?


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i did move the My Pictures location from the default, but it wasn't displaying them anyway. it does it fine for my laptop, but i don't think that it was doing it before. hmm bizzare indeed.


Hee Hee ! I did not know that anything in My Pictures also showed up as being available in the selection box for backgrounds.

Could you imagine me putting porn in My Pictures by mistake instead of my "Old Drivers" folder!
:D :D


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lol that could get you in trouble :)
i'm surprised that noone else has noticed your (undoubtably) huge "Old Drivers" folder by now. but if you are the only one on your comp, why hide it :p


I'm sorry Hal...
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I know that the folder windows/web (possibly longer but definatly ending in web) show in the background dialog thing, but my My Pictures doesn't, and never has


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Hmmmm this is getting interesting now isn't it? I wonder why Me would have this ability, yet it seems like it is not present in XP.


Piett - I just re-read the entire thread and it seemed funny to me also - so I did some more checking!

Don't know if this has anything to do with it or not - but after cross checking all items in "My Pictures" and items in the selection box for backgrounds - I found only the JPEG formatted items were in both places. I have some PSF's in My Pictures which are not in the selection box.

:confused: :confused:


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Hmm that would make sence, however I have .jpg's in my pictures aswell, in addition to some .gif's. maybe i wil hit up the MS KB and see if they have some fix for it. Thanks for everyones input. I'll post further discoveries here, as they are found.

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