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b0obies and cookies


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A select four of us thought there should be some discusion about the above topics. We feel that b0obies and cookies are a very important part of life, and therefore we feel we should reach out for your opinion. Feel free to post your thoughts.


Heres your support Matt
Hmmm coffee and cookies and b0obies oh what a great start to the day :D

( * )( * )


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Originally posted by damnyank
I prefer cookies and bOobies and milk- anytime of the day. Ya'll can have your coffee!

Burp!! Excuse me!
I'm with you. Cookies, b0obies, and milk! M'm M'm good!


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Well b0obies are alot less fattening than cookies are, you dont make as big a mess playing with b0obies as you do playing with cookies, and sometimes you can get your milk from the b0obies (although personally I dont think that milk tastes very good);)

Cookies do have certain advantages over b0obies tho, they rarely complain when you want to play with them, you can eat cookies in public without getting arrested, you dont have to be in a relationship with a cookie before you eat it, cookies are generally much easier to acquire and do not require emotional or financial support, cookies belong to you while you are only borrowing b0obies (unless you are female but I dont think this discussion is intented for the female members), and chocolate chips on cookies dont melt nearly as fast as chocolate chips on b0obies melt.:D

Even though they both have their advantages I generally do prefer b0obies to cookies and with both I dont necessarily think that bigger is better, as the saying goes more than a mouthful is a waste.;)

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