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Azureus causing massive net slowdown


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Dowloaded Azureus the other day and got it up and running. I was downloading 2 episodes of Family Guy (the last 2 I missed) and was experiencing massive lag surfing the net. I have upload speeds capped at 40kb/s and was downloading at a combined 60kb/s. Nothing formidable since I'm on broadbacd so why in the world is it slowing my connection? I shut it down and surf blazingly fast again.

And it's not just this pc (cpu getting bogged or ram getting full) as upstairs it's just as bad. Then I shut it down and it's fine.

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You have limited upload speeds capped at 40, but you are still uploading globally at 60? That doesn't make sense.


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Sorry all, sorry, that was a typo. 40 for upload and 60 download. Will edit the post now. Also I don't think lowering the upload will do anything since 40kb/s is nothing.


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What kind of connection are you on? I have a 5 Mb downstream but only 256 or something upstream so 40K isn't NOTHING, It's basically everything and kills my surfing.


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Bouncingsoul: Azureus -> 40K = 40kilobytes/s, NOT 40kilobits.

mfarley: right click on the upload icon/stat at the bottom right of the Azureus window and reduce the upload to 15-20K if you have 256kbps upload on your ISP, if you have 400kbps then limit it to around 40-45K.

EDIT: depending on the spec of your machine and other apps running in the background, it may affect the performance of browsing the internet sometimes - happens on my 1GHz laptop.


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Yeah I know. I have some stupid ratio of 5MB down and something small up. I thought it was 256k but that would be only 32k/sec up. I can do between 50 and 60 up but it totally ruins my surfing. Thats why I set mine lower so I can actually browse while I steal.... I mean share.


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I'll give it a shot ming. I'm not sure what my upload is regulated too, never bothered to check but I thought it was more than 256.


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Update here...went searching at Charter and found this:
  • 3Mbps downstream — surf, search, and download large files at incredible speeds
  • 256Kbps upstream — upload data and send attachments with ease
What garbage! I was getting better performance through my Comcast broadband. Thanks for all the info all.


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I have my upload set to 20 in the evening and 10 when I'm using the net and that has seemed to work well. I've also noticed my download speed went insane today downloading at 338+KB/s on 4 torrents. Much better then the 60 I was getting yesterday. Also figured out what was wrong with the NAT as I had the port forwarding pointing to my IP not my network IP.

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Yes, 40 there is 320 kbps (40 * 8 bits to a byte). Good to see you got that worked out, but one quick question. Did you limit the upload on each torrent individually, or globally? If you set the upload limit in the torrent itself (double click on it, and set the value in there), then the upload limit is not global, but for that torrent alone. Cumulatively, the 2 torrents (or 4 torrents) could each take upload bandwidth up to what is set for each (which can exceed the value set for any one).

On the other hand, if you right click the value next to the U: in the lower left hand corner and set it there, that's global and will apply to all torrents.

Oh, and BTW, for any kind of web browsing you must have upload BW available. There's a certain amount of error handling built into the TCP protocol, so when your computer receives a packet for the browser, it sends an acknowledgement back to the web server to indicate "it was received OK", or to request the data is sent again. This takes upload...best to keep some available.
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yeah... think i have about the same.... 3Mbps down, 256kb/s up. i usually keep my upload capped around 10-15. anything higher and you notice the slowdown instantly. Just gotta remember.... viewing websites isn't all about download speed...... also need the beefy upload bandwidth to be able to communicate back and forth.

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