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AWW CRAP.. Got everything in...


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Well as many of you know I am in the process of upgrading my PC...

I am using the following parts and peices:

Mobo: Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus
CPU: Intel Core Duo E6600 CONROE 2.4 Ghz Processor
Memory: 2GB PC 6400 OCZ memory paired kit
Video: BFG 640MB 8800 GTS

Now for my problem... even after setting up the RAID0 in the SATA setup and designating which Drives to use (DUAL 36 GB Raptors)

When I attempt to boot XP (dont have a copy of Visat yet) it says it can not find a hard drive to load XP on...


Does anyone have a very similar setup thay can help me with?

As always, reps to whoever can help me...

Also, I was in the windows vista beta program, but never loaded...

Should I try using the RC1?? WILL IT WORK? For how long?
Will Windows deactivate it? I need information BAAAD!!!

Mike A!


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mm... i don't know about the raid... maybe you need some drivers?

about the vista expiration date, it's 31th may

after that, for a limited time, you'll be able to login in 2 hours sessions to backup data.


The Analog Kid
Sounds like you need your raid drivers. If you have a floppy drive, put them on a floppy and hit f6 when prompted during the install. If no floppy, you'll have to slipstream them onto a Windows install disc.


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I got Vista up and running, because XP just would not load.. this was frustrating as HELL... the driver I needed was only half a meg, but it would NOT find the RAID array I had just created, and would not use the drivers on the floppy... if anyone out there has had the same probelm by all means fill me in, I might end up just upgrading and keeping Vista, looks great and works BLAZING fast... and I havent even OC'd it yet


Mike A!
1) Did you see the screen during XP install that says press F6 to install scsi or RAID drivers? If not make sure your XP CD is slipstreamed up to SP2.

2) Long shot - Are you trying to install 64 BIT XP?
One thing that stood out was the listing of what RAID drivers could be made:
It showed options for 32 BIT XP/2000/2003 and 64 BIT 2003. It did not indicate tha 64 BIT XP was supported by the RAID driver disk.
Maybe an omission error or maybe it doesn't support 64 BIT XP RAID.

3) WAG there are 2 seperate RAID controllers on the board. Have you tried installing the drives into SATA ports for the second controller?


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Did you try slipstreaming the RAID/F6 drivers? This worked well for me when installing XP.
Nope, I have never tried my hands at slip streaming...

I am a CHAMP when it comes to hardware issues, but I do not fair well when it is software...

If you can tell me how to build my own slipstream CD/DVD I will be forever grateful...

ALSO, It is regular XPnot 64 bit version...

Dont have the 64 bit version and Vista is getting on my nerves for losing audio...

Mike A!
I call it a direlder...

Back on topic there are also tools that make building a slipstream CD easy. I use nLite but there is a newer one (the name escapes me) which has gotten good reviews here.

nLite automates getting and saving the needed files and steps you through each set of things you need to add, like drivers.


Bow Down to the King
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I cannot make a recommendation because I have never used nLite, but I have heard bad things about it in the past. Plus, I would rather show you the "how to" rather than give you an easy way out.
nLite is an easy way to slipstream the drivers for this. I would advise it. I've done it on many machines and they have all worked (except for once, and I somehow ended up with half of the typical installs missing and tons of dlls not available). But after I made a new copy, it installed just fine.


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I went the way of nLite for a little while and ran into weird problems. I have since sucked it up, learned the "way of the manual slipstream", and will never go back. I like having full control and knowledge over what's going on with my environment(s).

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