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Hi all,

Need to convert a couple of avi files I have to a format playable on a sony psp. now I have tried mediacoder, pspvideo converter 9 and another bit of software. I have tried loads of different settings encodered the videos in loads of 'slightly different' codecs and the result is always the same, I can view the video on the pc but the psp always comes up with 'no video files found' :(

Can anybody help please?


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Try WinAVI.

They have different versions available depending on what you what it to do. For your purpose, choose the WinAVI MP4/ipod/psp version.


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I use PSP Video 9. It has always worked very well for me and with my PSP connected to my PC it sets up the vid the file process and transfer to my PSP.


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Hi all thanks for your help, apparently it tuns out you need a very specific directory structure and file name for it to work properly or at least thats what i was told :) thanks for you help everyone :)


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Yep that's correct. And with the PSP Video 9 program it does everything for you. You can of course adjust video quality and such. Ya just tweak it till ya get the quality and rez size the way you like it and boom. Then you select the transfer thingy and it uploads to your PSP.


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hey indy how did it all work out, this sounds terrible but i found that mac had the best program it was ffmpeg or something like that anyway :)


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Also, depending on the AVI format you could use windows movie maker

Let me guess, you just got a copy of the new indiana jones movie and want it on your psp? :)
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