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AVG 7 Update Problems gRRR



i thought i'd finaly found a light on resources.... Auto Updating Antivirus....
had it on for 2 weeks or so, i thought the updating was automatic, but seems not.. it had been storing a few updates, and i did a reboot, and it screwed the whole instal up, so i had too re-instal, update, reboot, update, reboot.. and it was ok..

my net/server machine is usually left on 24/7 for months (unluss Hardware upgrades) so what use is this antivirus too me if after every little update it has too reboot..

in Update manager/properties
i see some options about the updating, but every one of them means a reboot i have:-
1 - update upon next computer restart
2 - update immediatley (if restart is required/1 require confirmation/2 restart immediatly/3 complete at next restart..

i wouldnt be so bothered if it was a program update but i just updated right now, and i see "Virus definitions"
just for that it now needs too reboot what the hell???

i thought my norton days were over, looks like im gonna be headed back that way... even tho norton Sux your resources like nothing else ive seen, and is incompatible with the firewall i use (sygate pro 5.1)

i was really getting too like AVG 7 too, but this update and reboot thing every few days is a joke.. i like uptime over 1month at least


anyone knowif it can be fixed (apart from never updating lol)

thx kReV

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
You sure it's not just the program wanting to restart? Not really sure what your problem is because I update manually. Very rare that it wants to reboot windows.


well yeh the program is "wanting too restart"

but until i do restart even small updates like virus definitions arent fully carried out

e.g theyl download... then ask me too reboot, if i dont reboot, then my definitions wont get updated...

the past 2 weeks or so ive just thought they were program/file changes, but after i manually ran the "auto update" feature it sai "122 new Virus definitions" and that was all

then it wanted a reboot Grrrr

attached is a pic of whenever i try too enter AVG control panel now...

Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School
AVG7 has program updates and virus definition updates. program updates require a restart, virus definitions don't (usually). can you just update the definitions, not the program in the automatic updates? (I still use AVG6 until AVG7 has matures, and program updates are less frequent!)



yeah i use avg 7 pro and i dont have to restart it updates the virus files every morning


umm it doesnt update anything "every morning"

the scheduler checks for updates yes, but its only every few days definitions come out...

gonna give avg 7 until the end of its trial, then its gonna be bye bye unless they fix this.


ok i let it reboot for it too update the definitions... but if that happens again its going...

reboot too update the program = fine with me
Reboot too update definitions = useless program

thx all


Walkabout Specialist
Perhaps thats why registered users of AVG 6 Pro have to wait until September to get the upgrade to 7.

The rest of you are Beta testing it?



Walkabout Specialist
Has anyone heard of the codes promised for AVG 6 Pro to use in AVG Pro 7.?

I sent the e=mail off mid august, not a squeak.

Very bad form, reckon I shall start looking for a replacement soon, if this is the way they treat their customers


still with avg 7, hasnt needed a reboot for any of the last 2-3weeks updates...... really loving the app now:)

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
when the tests were made with in update avg did fine, but that was the rub wasn't it

I love the old build, though it is not up to the latest snuff



Walkabout Specialist
HAve you heard anything about the so called upgrade for AVG6 Pro users to AVg 7 Pro promised by the 15th Sep?

One gets the feeling we are being neglected and its not the way to go for paying customers, being at the Arse end of everything:(


Walkabout Specialist
Sent them an E-mail at the uk address,

They say they are giving priority to paying Customers, just that, found this on their site just now.

Upgrade status!

AVG 6.0 Professional Single customers will receive notification of their upgraded AVG Anti-Virus 7.0 Professional Single license and software download link by Friday, September 26.
The process to upgrade AVG 6.0 Professional Multilicense and Server licenses involves the collection of additional information in order to complete the upgrade. These customers will receive an email questionnaire (at the email address registered for each license) clarifying the installation details. Your response is very important in order for your upgrade to be processed. For the many customers who have already received this questionnaire, be assured that your licenses will be sent to you shortly.
We currently anticipate that all upgrades will be processed during September and October.

It has become a real Dogs breakfast, lets hop it is not far away.

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