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I normally do not use a antivirus. But I have been trying Avast! Free and have to say that I am very pleased with it. They give you a 14 month key for updates and virus definitions for nothing. It doesn't have schedule scanning, but I kinda like that feature. It does, however, have the normal scan features for chat clients, mail clients, and other things - the thing I like best about it so far is the screensaver scan (so in the regard, I guess it does have some what of a scheduled scan). The real time protection is on access protections. This is a good thing because real time protections causes lag in your system. Over all for finding things, it dose pretty good.

You can get more info here: http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html

I would recomend this to anyone. So does anyone else on here use it? if so, what do you think of it?

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I don't know about that Johnny I did a google search "why avast sux" and got over 14,000 hits !

I think this means its not a good product :lick:


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Don't you start ! :p

I am speaking from personal experience with za as well. I never blast a program with out trying it first. If I did I would be a hypocrite ;)

As for avast! I give it a high mark for use :)


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It seems to be better than AVG in regards to resource use and over all stability. I haven't used AVG for a while, but, the last time I did it wasn't all that great in the system friendly department.

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Never had any trouble with Avast and have had people install it for over 2 years now ... at least 30 of my clients use it


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i'm surprised i pretty much never hear of anyong using AntiVir. been using it for years and love it. installed it recently on an obviously infected computer and found 5 viruses that mcafee wouldn't pick up. though i'm thinking that mcafee was itself infected which kept it from detecting.


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I use AntiVir now, I used to use AVG until the last build that came out. Ithink it was 8, it just had way to much stuff for what I wanted it for.
I think that Avast Free is better for people that are decent or good at using their computers. AVG Free works well also but Avast seems to do a better job at preventing viruses from spreading across your computer or devices you may have plugged in to the computer. Just like "Johnny" posted, I Personally prefer Not to have "schedule scanning" as I am good at remembering to scan manually. There's a topic no this made almost a month ago at http://www.getcomputertips.com/computer/good-free-antivirus-software. There are some other Free Virus scanners on the web that you may not hear much of also.
I got rid of AVG and installed Avast. It has a conflict with Norton's that came with my computer. I recall that on another computer that when I removed nortons, it caused me problems. Any way to get rid of Norton with out causing a problem? Norton's is turned off but still get the warning.


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Norton is really hard to get rid of at times. There are many times where I had to reformat a pc to get rid of it completely, that was even after using the removal tool. The reason for this is because of all the hidden stuff that it leaves behind. The best defense against norton is not to use norton.


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idk what to use to be honest

been using eset's smart security, but its not that great.. and seems to use more resources than the competition

now im lookin thru a/v reviews to pair something with comodo (which seems to be a great firewall, and free)

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