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Avast! Antivirus


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Why does everyone use AVG and not mention Avast! Antivirus which has more features, has a better detection rating and looks better?
Main features

- Almost 100% detection
- Outstanding performance
- Reasonable memory requirements
- ICSA certified


- Memory test during the program startup
- Very intuitive Simple User Interface
- Testing whole disks or selected folders
- Working with the scan results - actions with infected files
- Virus encyclopedia
- Log Viewer
- Various appearances - skin support
- Running from Explorer context menu
- Antivirus screen-saver


- The system of incremental updates guarantees low traffic
- The updates can be completely automatic


- Standard Shield protects the file system
- Generic SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 scanner
- Specific MS Outlook plugin
- Heuristic analysis in e-mail modules


- Limited capability of direct repair (especially macroviruses)
- Repairing files using automatically generated Virus Recovery Database (VRDB)

Bronx Bomber

with a name like Avast!, i would have thought it had more to do with pirates...
ill give it a try, even though i am somewhat dissapointed
Avast! does generally do better with detection that AVG but AVG is a nice simple small package well suited for a lot of people. It also has a much bigger reputation and following. Avast! is a little unheard of but good for the price.


it appears you only get 60days trail with the one you mention and well avg is free . I use norton my myself

Bronx Bomber

i use AntiVir Personal Edition, and i think its better. maybe im just used to it...


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Originally posted by bellboyh
it appears you only get 60days trail with the one you mention and well avg is free . I use norton my myself
That's completely untrue. Reigstration is completely free.
The UI of the latest version is sleek and VERY easy to use. And I think it's been around just as long as AVG. There have been major changes to the latest version so don't base your opinions on older versions :)


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Both Co's have similarites:

Grisoft was founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic by software developer Jan Gritzbach. The founding of a high-tech company specializing in the development of anti-virus software was a natural progression for Mr Gritzbach, whose own interests in the field began in 1988, when he began developing programs specialized in protecting computers from mobile malicious code. Since its founding, the main focus of the company continues to be innovation in the detection of, and protection for computers from viruses!

ALWIL Software is a Czech-based company established in April 1991. Our products had been on the former Czechoslovak market since 1988, though. The company specializes in security software, with its flagship product, the avast antivirus, being on the top since it was released for the very first time.

That's food for thought !
So, who's made the switch?:)


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
The only exception is adware or spyware. But then it wouldn't be completely free would it? The worst you can do with freeware is have no gain but usually there are benefits.


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
New Avast update:Version 4.1.287
October 23, 2003

fixed minor memory leaks in archive scanning (TAR, CAB, WINEXEC)
added support for a new compression method (ZIP)
minor enhancements in the ARC and ZOO unpackers
added error notifications for automatic updates
fixed a problem with removal of certain viruses from mail [Dumaru etc.]
changed the Standard Shield for Win9x so that now it should be compatible even with programs like LaserLock
fixed a problem in silent installation related to mail alert settings
the storage mdb file access rights are now properly reset after DB compacting
plugin for Outlook is now fully compatible with Outlook 2003
mail scanner: fixed a timeout problem related to SMTP communication

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