Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1


2 Feb 2004
Well according to this is an awesome card! About the only thing its not so good at is cpu usage in games. I'm not much into FPS's where FPS is everything and with a core 2 duo I'm not sure I really care :p

I'm intending to pick one up early february based on the news at I'll let folks know how it sounds :)

If anyone already has one let me know what you think of it.

At anyrate they seem more dependable than creative in the driver department.


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12 Jul 2009
I have this card for about two years now and i am not a gamer so i cant relate to that aspect,but for sheer music pleasure it is awesome. i discovered the Card by accident,one day i took one of my Student/Athlete to visit a Cuban Acupuncturist at the University, well i happen to hear this melodious sound coming from a dorm and went to investigate. I was completely blown away by the sound and without invitation i walked right into the room where i met the proud owner of this magnificent sound card.

The following day i ordered it and i have had it ever since,one day a few guys at work were boasting about the ability of their PC and its ability to produce top quality sound,this started out from everyone gathering to contest video games,Fifa and Cricket...we all brought our systems..i have a 2.1 altec lansing from the early 90's and despite this everyone conceded that i had the best sound..thanks to my Auzentech X-Mereiden Sound Card.

I am now planning on upgrading to the Logitech Z 5500.

Have a Great Day you cant miss with this card..totally awesome..:)



2 Feb 2004
Hmm, thread resurrection :p

Asus bought exclusive rights to the soundchip on the x-meridian, if you want C-Media OxygenHD CMI8788 based sound cards now you need to look at asus xonar cards

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